Self-Service Device Management

As one of the most visible customer-facing elements of your business, your self-service network plays a huge role in shaping the customer experience.


ATMeye.iQ is a software solution that provides additional safety and security for self-service devices and reduces the risks of fraud and vandalism. Solution complies with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standart (PCI PA-DSS) and also has won numerous awards and prizes.

Cash Management.iQ

Cash Management.iQ is the .iQ family software solution that allows controlling cash
flows in cashpoints such as: ATMs, ATS, payment kiosks, bank branches, vaults and
others. The solution provides cash flow automation and increases the availability of
cashpoints with optimal amount of cash.


Payments.iQ is a full-featured software solution for:
• Settlement of payments (for utilities, taxes,penalties);
• Selling of any kind of electronic services (e.g. tickets, recharge codes, vouchers,                 utilities, etc.);
• Retail banking automation;
• ATM and kiosk network management.

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